The Best Spring Gardens Cornwall

Spring is such an incredible time of year; everything is waking up from its slumber, and it’s fantastic to watch the colours emerge. From the bright yellow Cornish daffodils, vibrant purple magnolias flowers and the beautiful bird song, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get out and enjoy Cornwall’s finest spring gardens. There are plenty to choose from, all offering unique features and planting displays that will have you in awe at the beauty.

Enys Gardens

Explore the beautiful Enys Gardens from your dog friendly holiday cottage in Cornwall, which every Spring displays an incredible field of Bluebells that stretch as far as the eye can see they hold a bluebell festival every year around the end of April and the beginning of May to celebrate these gorgeous flowers. The peaceful, one of a kind gardens, presents a wide range of gardens views from a number of individual areas throughout the 30-acre gardens that are full of character and charm, which effortless flow from to another.


Caerhays Castle Gardens

You will be spoilt for colour and beauty at Caerhays Castle Gardens, it holds one the largest Magnolias Collections in the UK with a few over 100 years old and come in all shapes, sizes and smells, it is also famous for its Camellias which it has breed to create their own variety the ‘x williamsii’ along with other rare and unusual Camellias makes for a gorgeous collection to see! If you love Camellias, Magnolias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Caerhays is a must see in spring.


Trewithen Garden

In 30 acres of woodland and, more than 200 acres of parkland is Trewithen which means ‘house of trees’. A heaven of a spring garden with a south-facing masterpiece was developed during the plant hunting expeditions between 1910 and 1932, meaning it is full of stunning flora and fauna and spectacular countryside views from this special location. Discover numerous incredible trees and shrubs, many of which are there due to dangerous plant hunting expeditions around the globe. Trewithen is a Camellia Society of Excellence and is only one of 5 in the UK to achieve this accolade; they hold over 200 varieties of Camellia.

Trewithen Gardens & House

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Brought back to life in the 1990s, after it had been lost to brambles since the start of WW1, Heligan is one of the most intriguing garden estates in England. It is now a haven of 200 acres for wildlife, plant lovers and explorers, it is now has been granted National Collection Holder for its historic and unique National Collection of Camellias and Rhododendrons. With more than 70 veteran camellias and 350 ancient rhododendrons included in the collection, the earliest plantings date from around 1850. They are integral to the beauty of the gardens, flowing above the paths, grabbing your attention with its bold colour and incredible size, as well as transforming the walled gardens walls.


Wander down the sloping valley, which contains these exquisite and tranquil gardens; they are fun and informal and full of incredible plants. There are numerous spring flowers to enjoy throughout the valley; stroll along the colourful Camellia Walk and gaze at the glorious magnolias by the infamous maze. There are lovely spring wildflowers to see, such as gentle primroses, delightful daffodils, bluebells, granny bonnets, and so many more. Venture along the family-friendly trail for many activities for children including the maze which has been out foxing people for over 100 years, and there is an Easter egg hunt waiting at the end. If you reach the bottom of the valley, you see a peaceful beach that looks out onto the river Helford.

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