Paddleboarding and Kayaking near Falmouth

One of the things our visitors love the most when visiting Cornwall is taking to the water. Even if the sea temperature is a little chilly for swimming in the Spring, there are plenty of opportunities for getting on top of the water rather than into it! Read our guide on the best places for paddleboarding and kayaking near Falmouth and our cottages… 

Sheltered Waterways

The creeks and waterways surrounding the river Fal are brilliant locations for paddleboarding or kayaking as they are generally more sheltered than the open sea. You’ll find it easier to get afloat in a wide range of wind and weather conditions, but do remember to check the tides before launching as they make more of a difference upstream – you’ll need a high tide to access some of the further inland creeks.

Where to Hire

Close to our cottages we have two wonderful local businesses, Mylor Boat Hire and Loe Beach Watersports, which both rent out a wide range of paddleboarding and kayaking equipment and boats, as well as offering tuition and guided tours.

If you don’t know the area, or feel that you could use some confidence building with your paddle technique, booking a lesson can help you make the most of your time on the water. A small amount of guidance can allow you to get further on your adventure and might mean a much more enjoyable experience… (for example, an instructor would be able to tell you if one direction is going to be much easier due to that day’s wind direction!)

Paddleboarding and Kayaking near Falmouth

Paddleboarding or Kayaking?

If you’re deciding whether to stand up or sit down, there are a few things to take into consideration… 

Kayaking is generally a bit more stable (using the sit-on-top style kayaks offered by most watersports centres) and so is generally thought to be more all-round accessible. The option of a double kayak is also great if you have children with you, or someone who would rather take a more relaxed approach and be paddled along! 

Paddleboarding is becoming increasingly popular and is an amazing full-body workout as you glide across the water. If you haven’t done it before and are hoping to cover a longer distance, it could be worth having a session close to the beach first. Some people hop on and paddle off straight away, but it’s more common to need an hour or so to find your balance!

The watersports hire centres can help you with this and guide you on a suitable craft for your ability level. Some will offer touring paddleboards, which are more efficient for long distances but can also be slightly less stable as they are longer and thinner. 

Paddleboarding and Kayaking near Falmouth

Places To Paddle To…

Our guests love to kayak to the Pandora Inn at Restronguet for refreshments… a morning coffee on the pontoon, a full pub lunch, or maybe an evening tipple! For a longer paddle, you can keep going up Restronguet creek to Devoran, or all the way up to the Norway Inn if the water levels allow. Keep an eye out for all the Canadian Geese on your way! 

If you’ve spent a few days exploring by land, it can be nice to see an alternative perspective from the water’s edge. Paddle up to the beach at Trelissick Gardens, or into Falmouth Harbour to see the town rising up above you.

Paddleboarding and Kayaking near Falmouth

What To Wear On The Water

As you may know, we can have several seasons in a day here in Cornwall! If you’re just going to be paddling out and back from a beach then some comfortable clothes or a wetsuit will suffice, but if you’re going to be on the water for a few hours, a dry bag of equipment is usually recommended. 

We’re not the experts, so do check with whoever you’re hiring from, but as you leave your cottage to go paddling you might like to think about: 

  • Water and Snacks – as with any sport, it’s important to stay hydrated and have something to boost energy levels if needed. It’s also an absolute treat to stop for a floating picnic or flask of tea! 

  • Layers – the temperature can change so quickly, and it’s also useful to have a second option just in case someone takes an unexpected splash! 

  • Suncream and Sunglasses – of course it depends on the weather when you are paddling, but remember that sun exposure is almost doubled when you’re on the water, as the light is reflected back at you. Great for getting a tan and soaking up the vitamin D, but do be aware! 

  • A Phone – if you can find somewhere safe to store it (there are lots of waterproof cases available) then it’s a good idea to take a phone for safety reasons. Hopefully all goes to plan, but it’s good to be able to call for backup if needed! Taking a phone also means you can take lots of lovely pictures from your paddle. We always love to see what guests have been up to, so do share them with us if you like! 

Exploring Further Afield…

As well as paddling in Fal estuary, we also have great access to a number of other paddle spots nearby. Blu Paddle on Gylly Beach or Elemental at Swanpool offer hire, and you can also hire from Koru at the Budock Vean Hotel to explore the Helford River. Heading inland, Stithians Lake also has kayak and paddleboard hire, with a lovely lakeside cafe too! 

If you wanted to, you could paddle in a different location on each day of a week’s holiday! We really are spoilt for choice… 

For any other questions about watersports in Falmouth, or anything else we can help you with during your stay, please do get in touch.

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