Explore Cornwall

Walks in Cornwall

Cornwall’s scenery offers a multitude of options for beautiful walks, from wooded valleys and rolling farmland to rugged coastal cliffs and picturesque seaside communities. With our favourite Cornish walks, you can explore this wonderful area on foot.

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Eating Out in Cornwall

Cornwall is becoming well known for its great range of locally sourced (and caught) and cooked food – helped by renowned celebrity chefs. Whether you are looking for a romantic meal for two, a family supper or a restaurant on the beach there will be something for you.

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Gardens in Cornwall

Visiting one of many Cornish gardens which is a wonderful way to enjoy your time here, with the gardens enjoying the warmth of the Gulf Stream there is a subtropical theme and so are home to an abundance of exciting, vibrant, rare and magnificent plants and trees.

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River Cruises Cornwall

Treat yourself and the family to this unforgettable experience of a river cruise on the peaceful Cornish creeks. Glide along the peaceful creeks of Cornwall, bask in nature, watch out for the wildlife from graceful herons to a cheeky seal or dolphin!

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Sailing & Watersports

Explore Cornwall by canoe, kayak, paddleboard or sail boat, explore the calm waters of the South Coast; the water is for everybody to enjoy.

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Adventure Experiences Cornwall

There are plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to try, so get ready to plan a fantastic Cornish adventure! Explore the coast and countryside by kayaking up hidden creeks, coasteering into sea caves, camping in the forests, surfing the waves, and walking the wild moors.

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Cycling in Cornwall

Cornwall boasts a wide range of cycling routes to suit all abilities, from experienced road riders who aren’t scared of steep hills to families with children looking for flat, traffic-free paths.

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Fishing in Cornwall

Cornwall is an excellent location to start fishing has a long history, and it is still an important part of the local culture.

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Diving Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the top diving destinations in the UK, thanks to its clear tropical waters, unique marine animals, and plenty of shipwrecks. Diving in Cornwall is a genuinely amazing experience; whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro with hundreds of hours under your belt, there are dive spots to fit your needs.

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Cooking Experiences

Celebrating a special occasion or just want to experience an exquisite meal while on holiday, hiring a private chef offers the opportunity to put your feet up and fully immerse in relaxing and with so many of our properties having exceptional water views this will be a truly memorable feast or try a cooking school which offer the wonderful opportunity to learn a new tasty recipe.

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Golf Courses Cornwall

Enjoy a game of golf during your holiday in Cornwall at one of the many golf courses available to you. Whether you are an experienced golfer or a novice, there is a golf course where you can practice your skills with club and ball.

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Surfing & Bodyboarding

Surfing is as much fun as it appears, and a trip to Cornwall would be incomplete without a ride on the waves. If you want to learn to surf, there’s no better place than Cornwall – not only is it the UK’s historical and spiritual birthplace of surfing, but the waves are also the most consistent, and there’s a wide range of surf schools to pick from.

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Bird Watching

Birds flock to congregate on Cornwall’s cliffs, rocky outcrops, marshes, mud flats and sands. The list of potential bird sightings off the Cornish coast is extensive, especially given the region’s scattered uninhabited islands, which attract rarer species. This is why birdwatchers from all over the UK are envious of this location.

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